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NEW!  Homeowners now required to obtain plan approval

As of 6/1/23, homeowners who are eligible to perform work on their own occupied dwelling, must first obtain an approval of their electrical plans from a Licensed Delaware Electrical Inspection Agency.  Click PDF link at right to find out more...

Plan Review Time Estimator

CSI now offers a plan review time estimation tool.

Click on the link to the left.

Our new plan review time estimation tool works by typing in a few pieces of information about the project.  We took into account such variables as type of construction, occupancy classification, core and shell, duplicate stories, etc.  It works off of the current ICC BVD Tables to ensure that an accurate construction cost is used in determining the complexity of the project.

$99 a month per seat


Code Solutions International, LLC has officially earned a State of Delaware license to perform Electrical Inspections as an approved Electrical Inspection Agency!  (Lic. #T6-0000120)

We are listed on the State of Delaware Division of Professional Regulation as well as the Office of the State Fire Marshal.

PA UCC Certified Third Party Agency

Agency #A00141 (as of 12/24/19)

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