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Electronic Plan Review

CSi uses the Bluebeam Revu software for all electronic plan review functions

  1. Approved plans are electronically sealed 
  2. All mark-ups applied and locked onto the plans
  3. No paper submission required
  4. Only print after the approval if required by the jurisdiction/client
  5. Turnaround time cut by weeks

QA/QC review pre-permit application

CSi can save you time and money on your next project by offering a full code review PRIOR to permit submission.

We have years of experience performing the plan review process for government agencies - we know what to look for!

All done electronically - no expensive printing or mailing of large plan sets.

Building Code Enforcement

CSi has decades of enforcement experience in multiple jurisdictions.

David Naples, MCP has been recognized in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC as an expert witness on building codes and enforcement.

We can assist with Code Inspections, Property Maintenance Inspections, Enforcement Actions, Court Testimony, etc.

Plan Review Time Estimation Tool

CSi has created a Plan Review Time Estimation tool to help in determining how long a plan review should take.  It can be used to ensure that third-party contractors adhere to time guidelines either proactively or reactively; to develop KPI's for plan review staff; or to establish the time included in the base permit fee and allow for subsequent fees for substandard plan submissions.

Planning & Zoning

CSi has years of experience in municipal Zoning Code review and application.  

*CSi does not represent that any members are AICP certified or graduate planning professionals.

Flood Plain Review

CSi has extensive experience in reviewing and applying the latest FEMA, ICC and local code regulations.

Our staff is able to offer assistance in the drafting of Flood Plain Ordinances.

We've successfully applied these regulations to both coastal and inland flood zones.

Construction Observation

Our staff has performed observation/inspections on everything from a residential deck to multi-use high-rise construction.

CSi uses Microsoft One Note to capture all observations that can be viewed by the client  in a near-real-time format. 

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